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Estate Administration Overview
Professional Assistance
Important Terms


What is Probate?
Is Probate Necessary?
Virginia Probate Procedure
Other Probate Issues

Estate Qualification

What is Qualification?
Is Qualification Necessary?
Virginia Qualification Procedure
Powers, Duties & Liability
List of Heirs
Notice of Probate

Inventory & Accountings

Commissioner of Accounts
Disbursements & Distributions
Insolvent Estates

Spousal & Family Rights

Family Allowance
Exempt Property
Homestead Exemption
Elective Share
Augmented Estate
Omitted Spouse
Family Residence
Statutory Bar to Estate Rights

Creditors' Claims

Filing of Creditors' Claims
Debts & Demands Hearing
The Commissioner's Report

Distribution Proceedings

Purpose & Benefits
Show Cause Order
Distribution Order

Estate Litigation

Contesting A Will
Aid & Direction of The Court
Against Fiduciaries

Ancillary Administration

Assets in Another State
Assets in Virginia

Trust Administration

Testamentary Trusts
Revocable Trusts

Income & Estate Taxes

Decedent's Income Taxes
Estate Income Taxes
Estate Taxes

Forms and Resources

Virginia Forms
Other Resources
Court Links

Attorney Services

Legal Services
Service Examples
Service Areas
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Selling Estate Real Property (pdf)


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