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One of the focuses of my law practice
is providing assistance to executors and administrators regarding the administration of decedent's estates and trusts.

Having practiced law in Virginia for more than twenty eight years, I have learned that personal service and promptness in responding to client communications and needs is key to
providing quality legal services to my clients.

Not all estates will involve all of the issues discussed in the various chapters of the website. Some estates may be relatively simple and others far more complex. In any case, proper advice and understanding is important to successfully handling the administration of an estate and minimizing liability exposure for the fiduciary.

Many personal representatives are family members of the deceased, agreeing to take on the responsibilities and duties of a personal representative or trustee because of family relationship and affection.

For many who already have busy lives with their jobs, family responsibilities and normal life activities, the handling of an estate can, without help, become burdensome.

Services can be arranged to meet the specific needs of each case. Some personal representatives may want help with a few questions and legal issues, others may want me to become substantially involved with handling the estate or trust administration. Examples of specific services are provided in the next section.

Please contact me to request further information. Thank you.

Ed Stolle

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