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Examples of services provided to executors and administrators handling the administration of a decedent's estate in Virginia include:

Evaluation of the need for probate of a will and qualification of a personal representative and assistance with probate and qualification, if necessary.
Identifying estate assets and assisting with actions to obtain possession and control of the assets.
Identifying resources for property appraisal and sale, if necessary.
Assisting with income tax and estate tax requirements, or working with third party CPAs, if suggested.
Assisting with the handling of creditor claims and evaluating enforceability of claims.
Advice regarding duties and responsibilities of executors, administors and trustees.
Representation on disputed creditor claims.
Assisting with the preparation of the inventory and fiduciary accountings for the estate.
Advice regarding family allowance, exempt property, and homestead exemption property issues.
Representation regarding estate litigation.
Representation regarding distribution proceedings.
Advice regarding proper distribution of estate assets under a will or applicable law.
Handling or providing assistance regarding ancillary administration in Virginia and assisting with arrangements for ancillary administration in other states.

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